A new house for Hails!

I moved to a new apartment at the weekend, after living in a windowless cupboard for over 3 years. I cannot express my joy at such a simple upgrade.

The fridge isn’t in my bedroom – I have a little kitchen!

It is no longer necessary to turn sideways in order to sit on the toilet – I have a huge (relatively speaking) bathroom!

I don’t wash under a trickle of water any more – I have a powerful shower!

My laundry isn’t strewn all over the place to dry – I have a utility room!

The lights don’t have to be switched on until night time – I have windows! Daylight!! Blue skies and sunshine from the comfort of my own home!

It’s still tiny, and it’s not exactly luxurious living, but it’s pretty much perfect for me. (All I want as an improvement in the next place I live is a separate living room, and maybe a little balcony. ;)) For the first time in a long time, I am happy to get home in the evenings, instead of sighing wearily as soon as I open the door and see the dark, cluttered, cramped chaos.

I have a home, hooray!


Oh, and this is my walk (of less than a minute!) to school in the mornings…


6 thoughts on “A new house for Hails!

  1. Possibly. I gave up in frustration after a couple of months of struggling to get information on exactly how to get a visa. I hate red tape. I almost abandoned my plan to Korea because I got so confused and annoyed by the whole thing.

    I would love to stay in Korea for another year, especially now I have a nicer place to live. Just concerned about getting stuck in my comfort zone and never setting out to find new challenges and adventures!

  2. ifonlymylife says:

    What are those fruit (?) in the last pic? Your apt looks too cute for words..but those floors look a little chu-wa on the footsies! Better wear socks…lol.

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