Alone is not a bad way to be

Alone is not a bad way to be;

You’re the director, the driver, the boss.

You answer to no one, you go where you please,

You let no one near, you suffer no loss.


You travel light, and you walk alone;

You were born to wander, not to stay.

Your feet were made to walk, and

Your eyes to see the sights along the way.


You are a rock, you are an island.

You need no love, you need no friends,

You don’t get attached, you live for yourself,

That way you’re protected from pain in the end.




When you linger a moment, that’s when it goes wrong

When you pause for a second, and stay for too long

When your temporary shelter becomes your true home

When your heart wants to stay, but you still need to roam

When you talk to a stranger and find a best friend

When you fall in love, but know it’s only pretend

When there are things in your life you don’t want to let go

When your world’s full of people who’ve helped you to grow

When you suddenly realise that this is your life

When you now have it all, from the joy to the strife

When you wish you’d kept moving, wish you’d stayed tough

When you no longer think that the smooth’s worth the rough

When your heart will break if you hear another goodbye

When you’ve said it so much, you can no longer cry


Alone was not a bad way to be

Until you weren’t for a while.

But now you are once again

And you’ve lost your smile.


So all you can do is pack up and move on.

Be a rock, again. Be an island, again.

Say goodbye…





rock, island



5 thoughts on “Alone is not a bad way to be

  1. Billy says:

    The venture’s upon the Skippy Clipper,
    Vagrants all cringe but wish to meet her.
    Her royalty bestows the gift to beat her,
    Escaping her chains, her flippers flip her.

    Out on the sea, her ship can carry us,
    Filled with the holes, which were meant to bury us.
    Forward yet rotting, the beams will be as dust,
    For what water to land is love into lust.

    Onward the must,
    Rotting to dust,
    All she can do,
    Is do what she must.

    Bury to carry us,
    Beat her to flip her,
    Wishing to meet her,
    Upon the Skippy Clipper.

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