Shopping list: ham, washing powder, job, onions, cereal.

Hayley! It’s over! How did you do?! cried the lovely accommodation lady as I poked my head around her door.

Pass B, I said with a broad grin and an accompanying little victory dance. She clapped in delight.

I’d called in at the school on my way back from the supermarket, to give her some money in order to extend my stay in the flat for a few more days. I basically have no idea what I’m doing, I told her as she organised the money and wrote me a receipt. I suppose I should, I dunno, look for a job somewhere… or…. something. 

Honestly, I’m not getting any less clueless as the years go by.

Are you going to teach adults now that you have CELTA? she asked, rummaging through a pile of accommodation forms. I sighed. Maybe… but I realised while I was doing the course that I really miss teaching kids. I have no idea what I want to do next. 

You should ask the woman in charge of teachers here, she said idly, giving me my receipt and my change and steering me out into the corridor. Wait here, I’m going to ask if your CELTA certificate is ready for you to pick up. 

I stood in the somewhat chaotic corridor, swinging my Lidl bag and looking at the postcards on the wall. Another woman appeared. You want a job? she asked, apropos of nothing.

Erm… have you got any? I asked, somewhat taken aback.

Actually, yes. You got a Pass B, yes? I have a vacancy. But it’s not teaching adults… I need a teacher for young learners. 

I sort of gaped at her, not entirely sure what was going on. Well… um… I’d certainly be interested in hearing about it. I’m a kindergarten teacher, actually. 

She looked me up and down, slightly disapproving. If I take you to a computer now, can you print out your CV and have an interview? 

Now?! I almost yelped. I really wasn’t prepared for this. I was wearing a baggy t-shirt, my hair was still damp from the shower, and I was carrying washing powder, ham, onions, and cereal in a shopping bag. I’d just been planning to go home and spend the rest of the day and night sending out job applications online.

Well, the job does start tomorrow, you know, she said matter-of-factly, as if I hadn’t just found out about said job approximately 15 seconds ago.

Well… um… I… the… I stammered dizzily, before catching a grip on myself. I would need to go home and find my CV, actually… and update it, you know… and I’m not exactly dressed for an interview, sorry – I was only calling in to pay my rent on the way home from the shop… 

Right, yes. Come back in 2 hours for your interview, said no-nonsense personnel woman. Bring your CV. I’ll get your CELTA report from your tutor. Induction starts tomorrow, teaching starts next week. 

She bustled off, leaving me standing there petrified, gazing blankly at the spot where she had been standing.

What the heck just happened?

I went home in a daze, touched up my CV, changed my clothes, and went back to the school.

Did an interview (rather more thorough than the Korean “Can you speak English? Great, do you want a job?” kind).

Got the job.

Start work tomorrow.

Genuinely bewildered.

Welcome to the next chapter, I guess…


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