Keep bailing!

I’m home.

Whether or not I’m home to stay very much depends on whether or not there are any decent jobs going here for someone who is basically qualified to work as a teacher in any other country in the world but this one, but we’ll see what life turns up.

I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t been doing very much of anything, actually. The past year or so has been kind of an uphill struggle, and I won’t go into details – I’m just tired of it. All I wanted was to go home, and so – very suddenly – I did. It was the right decision. I have my family, my cat, my familiar surroundings. And although I find myself back in the unemployed and directionless position I was in way back in 2009 after my European travels and a soul-crushing break-up, I have more hope this time – because it was that failure that led to me ending up in South Korea, having the best time of my life. Peaks and troughs; mountains and valleys; swings and roundabouts.

And fun. On Saturday, out with my family and friends at the local monthly Blues Club, I felt like myself again. Spontaneous singsongs in the bar long after the band had finished playing, reminiscing with old friends, chatting for hours with new ones.

Then yesterday, as I lay in bed all day fully regretting all the parts of the above that involved the words “to the bar!” and “just try it, whiskey and Bailey’s is a great combination, honestly!”, a sudden thunderstorm saw me standing in pyjamas and knee-high boots, trying not to puke and frantically bailing water out of the kitchen as the council vans belatedly distributed sandbags to all the flooded houses of our neighbourhood. I’m telling you, of all the things I have ever done while suffering from a hangover (and I include being surrounded by a class of shrieking 5-year-olds), that tops the list as the most painful.

After the flood

After the flood…

But you do realise, in a most profound and quite literally “deep” way, as you flounder around in the suddenly kitchen-localised Braid River, with random household objects floating past you, that the only way is up. Bail out the floodwater, reach the muddy surface, scrub away the debris, and start afresh.

I still don’t know what’s next, but I’m ready to start looking again.

3 thoughts on “Keep bailing!

  1. Such a profound experience you had, in spite of the hangover. Hails, you and I have been threating to write books. So, I challenge you. I challenge you to write a book about your life from 2009 until 2011. I intend on writing a book about my road trip with my dad to Tanzania. Let us give ourselves until 30 November, just in time for the end of Nano Wrimo. Write what you like, use it to heal, to grow and maybe, just maybe to start your writing career anew. Love you :-*

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