Carpe Diem: The story of Coffee Helps

The name: Hails.

The dream: Travel around the world and write about it at the same time.

The reality: See ‘The Dream’, above.

Coffee Helps started as the anonymous personal diary of a bored Ballymena girl who liked the idea of having such a method of expressing herself. And I was that girl!

My blog turned my life around. I’ve been filled with fresh enthusiasm for the world around me, and have learned how to take delight in the seemingly insignificant little details. I’ve been able to practise writing for an audience and experience the joy of making people laugh. I’ve discovered and learned from other bloggers, and delighted in reading so many different blogs. I’ve met countless new people in the world of blogging, and made valuable contacts online and in person. I’ve formed lasting and important friendships with some amazing people. It’s like discovering a whole new world!

And despite the slightly uncertain, haphazard, and unpredictable nature of my life, the blog remains the one constant. Coffee Helps accompanies me wherever I go, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the first time, the dream matches the reality. Join me, won’t you?!

Coffee Helps, Chapter One: See Archives, May 2007 – May 2008

So, I got bored with my life. I was sick of my daily routine, weary of wishing for more, fed up with my dead-end job, tired of having nothing to get excited about, and above all frustrated at the lack of writing material that my daily existence provided for my blog. So I stopped complaining, quit the wistful daydreaming, ceased the daily “I wish…” musing, and took the plunge. I bit the bullet, took the bull by the horns, and took some non-metaphorical, real life action as well. I left Northern Ireland behind me, along with my job, my house, my car, my friends and family, and my cat.

Coffee Helps, Chapter Two: See Archives, May 2008 – September 2009

I spent over a year living in Europe, where I tried to make it as a freelance writer, lived in countries where I didn’t speak the language, fell in love, backpacked, spent the occasional month living in luxury as a housesitter, and then had my heart broken and did the only thing I could do… returned to Mum and Dad to lick my wounds.

Coffee Helps, Chapter Three: October 2009 – present

Having had the obligatory just-been-dumped haircut and cried on various shoulders, I have resolved to never be so foolish as to fall in love again. Let’s see how long that lasts. Time to move on, and I’ve opted for my most “different” experience thus far – I’m in South Korea teaching English to little children. Keep reading…

7 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: The story of Coffee Helps

  1. i do not know how i stumbled across your blog but……………the name!! YES coffee helps!!
    il stop back and do some reading

    grace & peace

  2. crayzblonde says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I’m actually doing it for a school project to get my sociology degree. If I’m one of the top 5 in my class I get bonus marks. So pass my blog on to your friends if you want!
    I just saw the movie PS I love you, and now would just love to go to Ireland! It looks like such a beautiful country.
    I’ll keep looking at your blog too. Thanks and God Bless.


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