Hire me to write for you!

Coffee Helps is a personal blog, which I write for several reasons:

  1. It serves as a diary of my travels and experiences.
  2. It’s a way of letting friends and family know what I’m doing.
  3. It helps me make connections, friends, and new contacts.
  4. It allows me to share with others the little details of life that entertain me.
  5. I love to write.

I’d like to emphasise that fifth point. I really love to write! Here at Coffee Helps, it’s a hobby — but behind the scenes, I make my living from writing articles and blog posts on a wide variety of subjects. A selection of my most recent work includes:

  • detailed articles on various worldwide travel destinations
  • a complete blog on the subject of coffee: from its history and production to the characteristics of regional varieties
  • numerous reviews of hotels, museums, art galleries and tourist attractions
  • informative articles about budget travel
  • a complete website and blog for a new online party game, with fictional characters, stories and plots
  • blog posts exploring the subject of health food and healthy living
  • celebrity biographies
  • historical research and articles

Please note that many of the articles and blogs listed are ghostwritten, which prevents me from providing links to them, but samples will be provided upon request. I like to keep my subject matter varied, explore new topics, and produce fresh, original content in a unique and engaging style. Whether you require a series of formal, informative articles or simply a one-off funny story, I’d be delighted to take care of it for you.

I provide a fast, friendly service and superior quality articles at competitive prices. Just drop me a line at hails@coffee-helps.com for more information, or to request specific writing samples or my portfolio. I’m also very happy to discuss your project over the phone if you prefer.

Contact me now, and let’s see what I can do for your blog, business or website!



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